A New Way to Build

Block Solutions ATL USA is based in Atlanta Georgia. Our Eco-blocks are poised to disrupt the building industry with its revolutionizing technology Worldwide with new Technology.

A New Way to Build

Eco-blocks is one solution for many things.

First, to clean up our plastic waste problem we have a technology that processes plastic waste into a beautiful home.

Second, the blocks are very lightweight so anyone can build a house in the shortest period of time.

Eco-blocks can be used Residential & Commercial construction.

The only tools needed are a rubber hammer, level and wrench.

Cost-efficient, modular, fast, modifiable
and sustainable

The carbon footprint of the product is close to zero: the material used is ecological recycled biocomposite, which contains wood fiber as a by-product of the forest industry.
The modularly built houses are affordable and durable. They can be set up quickly with just a few tools. They can also be dismantled and rebuilt.
The company is committed to promoting equality and building a better world in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. The company´s core values include that at least half of the workers are female.

The Blocks are very lightweight, so anyone, female or male, young or old, can build the houses in the shortest possible time. The houses or buildings can be temporary or permanent.

Licensing partnership
with us

As our licensee partner you will have a chance for a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly business.


Thanks to the innovative
material, production efficiency
and building speed, your
house is built very cost-

Flexible and mobile

Building a Block House is very
flexible: you can add rooms or
expand the house according
to your family’s needs. You
can also dismantle your
house and rebuild it
somewhere else.


The key component of Blocks
is a sustainable by-product of
the forest industry
biocomposite mixed with
recyclable, polypropylene
with traceable origins.