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The Sustainable and Affordable Way of Building Houses

Block Solutions ATL USA is based in Atlanta Georgia. BSU is poised to disrupt the building industry with its revolutionizing technology.

We have developed what is known as an environmentally friendly Eco block-module. The block-modules are used for building sustainable and affordable homes for people all around the world, this allows us to adopt a new way of living.

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Our Story

In the year, 2019 Dr. Leslie Snead was in Nigeria and Benin, both of West Africa having a discussion with the government regarding the crisis areas in Africa and the urgent need to find permanent housing for millions of people that reside there. The practical need was to find affordable modules that could be easily used to build and would be better than temporary housing. Another criteria was the common lack of electricity and tools that the housing needed in order to be lightweight. The task was demanding, but Mr. Silfverberg and Dr. Snead decided to give it a try. They joined forces in 2019 and introduced the Eco-block to the USA-ATL to address the high costs of construction.

•The creation of the blocks manufactory will require a steady supply of recycled plastics from both public and private waste management partners (PE, PET, and PP).

• The USA-ATL has a waste management system, but the collection and sorting systems can be used for affordable housing, and the majority of plastic recycling is done by plastic banks that collect and sort PET and polypropylene products that have resale value.

•The Eco-block factory will have the machinery to also clean and shred the plastic waste.

•Block Solutions ATL USA will partner with plastic banks in close proximity of the factory.

•Block Solutions ATL USA will work with both the US government and private waste management along with HUD to create awareness for the collection and sorting of household plastic.

•The plan will be to create an additional revenue stream for communities that sort, clean, and sell the types of plastics that will be utilized in the plastic blocks

“Our vision is to revolutionize the entire construction industry with our innovative solution and material. We are creating a better tomorrow by creating sustainable communities around the world.”

Ecological raw material

​We are using local raw materials like recycled plastics for the blocks. In Europe, we chose to use biocomposite as the raw material for the blocks. Biocomposite is a mixture of wooden fibers (a by-product of the forest industry) added with virgin and recycled polypropylene from verified and trusted origins to ensure the safe use. The carbon footprint of the used raw materials are close to zero. Comparing the blocks with conventional building materials like concrete, the carbon footprint can be 20 times lower.

Mini homes are built in 8 hours with a rubber hammer and a wrench!

During the initial period of one-year, numerous 3D-printed versions were built, until the team figured out the right shape and method of production. A miniature house was built in the garage. “We were able to produce very lightweight blocks that were easy to assemble. Nearly anyone, together with another person, can build a house in just eight hours, with only a rubber hammer and a wrench.” Thanks to the material and technology, the cost of the building stays low. Also, the house can be easily dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else. Also, rooms can be added and modified. The innovative building method has been presented around the world on numerous occasions. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Block Solutions ATL USA will be establishing license production facilities around the world. We want to give opportunities for partners to become local licensees and to commit to abide by the company policy of gender equality and equal pay. The licensee package provides the local entrepreneur with all necessary production machinery for starting their own business: an injection molding machine, molds, training, and a high-revenue business opportunity. In our business model, we want to support job creation in emerging markets, create better opportunities and create prosperity in the area and for the families.

Opportunities of the Building Method for the Future

There is a wide spread of interest in the Eco-block industry and in emerging markets. People recognize the potential for permanent housing, for example, in our case studies listed above.

“We never stop imagining what else we could do with the blocks. The possibilities are endless!”

Licensing partnership
with us

As our licensee partner you will have a chance for a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly business.