Block Home

Four different sizes of

There are four different sizes of Block modules. The effective lengths are 100, 200, 400, and 600 mm, the effective height is always 200 mm, and the thickness of a single wall is 100 mm.

Women are taken on a new role in the construction Industry

Block Solutions ATL USA are training and putting women to work building instaLiving housing built with Block Solutions ATL USA Eco blocks they are like adult Logo made of plastic waste.

Eco-blocks come in different colors

We use recycled plastics such as rPP, rPE and PET as well as various organic figber.

Thanks to the innovative material, production
efficiency and building speed, your house is
built very cost-efficiently.

Block solutions ATL USA
easy and fun!

July 20-21, 2022 | Cobb Galleria Centre (Halls C & D)

Sustainable and innovative homes

Representing world-class innovation from Finland, our product, an eco-friendly house built of modular blocks, was born in 2017 after a long series of development. In the design, we have been especially focusing on the ease and speed of building as well as adaption to different areas and the flexibility for the needs of the families.
The lightweight, but yet durable blocks enable you to build a house in less than eight hours by two people. The blocks are joined together using a rubber hammer. The erection of the house does not require electricity, so it can also be built in remote regions and crisis areas.
The Blocks have unique features: they are both mobile and flexible. You can easily dismantle and rebuild the house in another location. You can expand or modify the building based on your needs. Sustainability is the foundation of our business. The carbon footprint is close to zero: We use environmentally friendly biocomposite where the woodfibre originates from a byproduct of the forest industry. As a binder we use recycled PE and PP with traceable origins.
Thanks to the material and the building technology the costs also stay low. Our patent-pending innovation offers solutions for different needs of the construction industry.

“We operate in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way”

!mpact Report

What would you do with 35.7 tonnes of plastic waste?

Our innovation improves the living conditions in emerging markets

Our aim is to positively influence the socio-economic growth in our operational regions. Working together with local licensees our company supports the economic growth of the emerging markets and creates infrastructure and wellbeing.

We create new jobs in our operational area

We work together with the licensee to uphold the high standard of operations and demand full compliance of local regulations and laws. We require our partners to follow a code of conduct while working with different stakeholders. For example, our contracts insist on gender equality and equal payment for work.


We are committed to working in a way that supports human rights, labour rules and environmental conservation. We also enforce a strict anti-corruption policy in our work. We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Eco-friendly thinking at the core of our business. Our innovative Blocks are produced from biocomposite, supporting sustainability in the most environmentally friendly way. As a binder we use recycled PE and PP with traceable origins.
The carbon footprint of our product is close to zero. The woodfibre for our product originates from a by-product of the forest industry. Our product enables smart building: it is possible to increase or decrease the size of the house. If there is a change in the living situation, the house can be dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else. We practice sustainable procurement which supports our sustainability policy.