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Manufactory - Land Aerial Photos

  • Hope Global and 404 Concrete has committed plot 32 Acres in the newly built Technology and Industrial Park in Lithonia.
  • The Land is free and clean.
  • The Site has all requirements Utilities needed for the factory (such as electricity, water, internet, roads to airport)

Manufactory – Main Characteristics - Recycling

Factory Building: The factory will be an enclosed facility which will be separated in 2 parts – Recycling Plant and Blocks Production Plant. The recycling plant will facilitate the pre-production process and the production plant will facilitate the Blocks production process, offices and maintenance area.

Plastic Waste: The plastic waste (PP, PE or PET) will be pre-picked by the plastic pickers or collected by our outsourced waste collection trucks and delivered to the factory.

Recycling Plant: The recycling plant encompasses the washing, flaking and pelletizing machines. The washing machine extracts water vapor from the air in a circular approach and ensures the plastic is clean before it is flaked and pelletized, ready for the Injection Molding Machines (IMM).

Operators: We require 3 x recycling plant operators per shift to operate the machines. We will begin running 2 shifts per day and then move to 3 shifts once we scale the factory for production.

Mobile Recycling Plants: We are also exploring the idea of establishing mobile recycling plants for the neighboring smaller city to make it easier to collect and receive the plastic waste.

Manufactory – Main Characteristics - Production

Injection Molding Machines (IMM): The license includes 1 IMM, however, we will very soon expand to 3 machines to increase productivity. We can expand this to 5 machines depending on the opportunity with City’s surrounding the City of Atlanta. The max input capacity per IMM is 900 tons of plastic waste per year and the output is 350,000 blocks per year, running at optimum capacity.
The IMM is HAITIAN Brand and it is imported from China (

With 1 x IMM, we will be able to produce either 495 low-cost homes or 81 (5 apartment) houses per year. With 3 x IMMs, we can produce 1,485 low-cost homes or 243 (5 apartment) houses per year.

In order to build this number of houses/apartment per year, HG will need to train and use up to 14 contractors in Lombok. The plan is to have 13 contractors already trained and ready before the factory starts operating.

Molds: The factory license includes a standard set of molds (sizes 1+2, 4 & 8). For the additional IMM’s we will only require the block 8 mold as this is the most used.

Operators: We require 3 x IMM operators per shift, with a supervisor and general manager providing management oversight.